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Thank you very much


Thank you very much for the reply, and for the information, I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me about the pipe which is now even more special in my eyes.

I think your kind is something special, especially in the era when pretty much everything is made of plastic and coming from a mass manufacturing plant in China.

Keep up the good work!


All the best,



sono un'artista amante delle Vostre pipe

sono un'artista amante delle Vostre pipe. Un notte dal connubio fumo e arte è uscita quest'opera che Vi dono con tutta la mia passione e riconoscenza.

Cordiali saluti


Thank you again for replacing

Wanted to let you know that I received the new Savinelli pipe today. Thank you again for replacing the one I originally purchased.  I am sure that it will please because as you said, it is very similar to the one I originally purchased.

 Because you have been kind enough to replace the pipe, you can be sure that I will continue to purchase Savinelli pipes as you make beautiful pipes.

Thank you again



Vi scrivo per ringraziarVi

Vi scrivo per ringraziarVi per la bella esperienza che ho fatto l'altro giorno venendo nel Vs negozio di via degli Orefici, dove sono venuto con mia moglie e mia figlia per comprare una nuova pipa; varcando la soglia sembra che si ritorni a usi ed educazioni, oggi aimè scomparsi, a questo si riferisce e si aggiunge la figura del sig. Cantoro a cui va il mio più grande ringraziamento. Nella speranza di poter tornare da Voi (in quanto molto lontano da Milano), Vi pongo i miei più distinti saluti.


Thank you for good service

Thank you for your reply. I had hoped for a good reply like yours, with the specific model name and information, thank you for good service. I own a couple of Savinelli pipes and they are of best quality, and especially your design is great, inovative but yet classic.

As a designer I look for pipes with appealing shapes and I find your pipes having very fine designs. 

 Andreas - Sweden

  Just a note to say I


Just a note to say I truly appreciate your taking the time to listen to my problem over the phone, and taking the time to reply to my e-mail message. May I say Savinelli has earned a loyal and life-long customer today, because it has such person as yourself working for it. I realize that pipe companies don't always pay attention to repair service, and the fact that Savinelli does, just shows the character and the caring of this company for its pipes and its customers. This must be why Savinelli is the best.
Miss Muanmard

Yo lamento no saber escribir en italiano



Yo lamento no saber escribir en italiano aun cuando lo comprendo perfectamente. En mi mail le informaba de las complicaciones con la aduana del mio paese. Finalmente con mucho trabajo logré hacerme del paquete. Estoy encantado con lo recibido, supra tutto la pipe que ya está en rodaje.

En futuros pedidos, veremos como podemos eliminar esas complicaciones.

Reitero mi agradecimiento y seguiremos en comunicación. Reciba usted mi más afectuosos saludos.

Rodolfo - Uruguay

Thank you so much for all that information


Thank you so much for all that information.  It really helps my collecting.  It's interesting that you stopped producing the Octavia series in the 90's as I still find them available in online stores.  But most of them have been from eBay.  I'm hoping to put up a website with pictures of all the ones I've collected so far.    I'm finding the L and M series the hardest to find.  I assume not many of those smooth pipes were made compared to the more rusticated ones.