Welcome in our world!

A world made of feelings, a world where, through the pipe, you can use all your five senses:

Hold it in hand and feel the wood that warm up
Listen to the crackling of the tobacco which burns
Watch a wonderful object
Breathe the aroma of a fragrance
Taste your favorite tobacco

The most important thing that you should know is that all our pipes are rigorously hand crafted: it is not possible to industrially produce pipes, at least not our pipes which are followed piece by piece like they are jewels

The main difference which exists in the pipes concerns their shapes: defined or free hand shape.

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Predefined shape


The Savinelli pipes are produced in a large number of series, which differs for the quality, the grain of the briar and the finish. Every series is available in many shapes all showed in the "Shape Chart".
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The very famous free hand pipes (wrongly known as “shape by hand” pipes) like the Savinelli Autograph, VIP, Artisan, Sigla and Briar Line. These pipes are created according to the characteristics of the raw material: the briar, and as a consequence their shapes are affected by the necessity and the creativeness. Practically they are all unique.

Special series


These pipes are produced in a unique model/shape, sometimes in several finishes. They are called “special” because they celebrate a particular recurrence or they are part of a Collection.