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Dupont Initial Line Golden Lighter
Initial is the line of classic S.T. Dupont lighters with all the quality and sophistication of the French maison but at a more affordable price. The classic St. Dupont lighter has been revised, improved and redesigned, this is the basic idea behind Dupont Inital. St. Dupont Initial combines classic design with an extremely reliable mechanism. The materials chosen are always of the highest quality and give the lighter an unparalleled elegance. The body and lid of the St. Dupont Initial are made from a solid brass block which lends robustness to the entire lighter. The ignition rotor is cylindrical, machined like a Greek column, aesthetically perfect!It combines purity of design with an extremely reliable and durable mechanism; The famous Dupont stone mechanism is extremely reliable and does not miss an ignition. Characteristic Dupont 'perfect cling' sound when opening the lid.
Weight (g) 95
Brand Dupont
Dimension 37X57,5X11

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