La mia pipa

After more than 145 years of attention towards customers from all over the world, Savinelli is now ready, thanks to the new communication technologies available today, to offer you an exclusive and unique service tailored just for you.

Through a few simple steps, you have the opportunity to create Your pipe on our website, choosing the shape, finishing, color, and combination of stem and any ring, and then receive it according to your specific requests.


Configuration guide

1) Choose the model

As a first step, you need to select the model. We have provided 6 different models, including straight, bent, and half-bent shapes. Click on the "START NOW" button to discover them.

2) Select the finishing

Choose the finishing of your pipe. You can choose between smooth natural, rusticated black, and sandblasted burgundy. For the rusticated and sandblasted finishes, the chamber of the pipe is black, while for the smooth finish, it is natural.

3) Select the stem

You can select the pipe stem by choosing the color you like the most. The design of the acrylic stem is handcrafted every time a new supply is requested. Therefore, the design of the same can vary significantly from what appears in the images, remaining unchanged in the basic colors.

4) Select the ring

It's also possible to add a ring/band between the shank and the stem to give your pipe an even more original touch. Choose from the various types available.

5) Select the hole diameter

Choose the size of the internal hole of the pipe according to your smoking preference. The hole size selection depends on whether you prefer to smoke with or without a filter. The 3mm hole allows smoking the pipe without any type of filter. The 6mm hole has a convertible system, so you can choose to smoke with the filter or use the provided adapter without a filter. The 9mm hole, instead, is suitable for those who prefer to smoke with filter. It is possible to use both the balsa and charcoal filter.

6) Engraving on the pipe

Finally, it's possible to have an engraving on the pipe with your name or initials. Simply enter the text to be engraved in the designated field. The maximum allowed length is 12 characters, including punctuation and spaces. The engraving will only be done in uppercase letters, and only Latin letters or numbers are allowed (accented or special characters cannot be inserted). The type of engraving performed is hot stamping (not laser).

7) Add the pipe to the cart

When you have finished configuring and have definitively chosen all the options, all you have to do is add the pipe to the cart and proceed to checkout.

More information

The configurator

The modern configurator allows you to create your pipe by combining various available elements. You can choose the shape, finishing, color, and combination of stem and any ring and then receive it according to your specific requests. The result is a high-value addition with the security guaranteed by the shared visual journey. The name of the series, "La Mia Pipa," will be engraved on the pipe, along with the reference model, as with all Savinelli pipes in predefined shapes. Please note that the images displayed in the configurator are for illustrative purposes only and are not binding.

Transparent quote

During the pipe configuration, you will be able to see in real-time the final price of the product. This will make it easier to evaluate and choose the characteristics of the pipe.


The pipe will be packaged in this elegant blue box with gold Savinelli branding.

Scatola La Mia Pipa Scatola La Mia Pipa

Delivery times

Usually, the product is delivered within 40 days of the purchase.

Right of withdrawal, changes, and cancellation

Since this type of item is a fully customized product, the customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal. It will be possible to modify or cancel the order within 48 hours of purchase. After this period, making changes or cancellations will no longer be possible. For more information, please refer to our terms of sale

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