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Deep chambered straight Billiard, rusticated black finishing.
With this series we want to celebrate the Italian Carnival (one of the most famous is that of Venice) with its masks traditionally linked to different cities. Arlecchino, who gives its name to the first pipe in this series, was born in Bergamo, he has a diamond-shaped costume of different colors, and represents a very lively personality. This pipe has a rusticated black finishing and a colored acrylic stem that recalls the costume of the Arlecchino mask of a thousand colors. A beautiful dedicated box enriches the product. The production of this series is limited to 1000 pieces. Model 111 KS is in everybody’s mind. With its cylindrical bowl and shank, it has a very spacious burning chamber and it is suitable for any kind of pipe smoker.
Series Arlecchino
Model 111 KS
Weight 43.000000
Dimension King Size
Form Straight
Finishing Rusticated
Mouthpiece material Acrylic
Brand Savinelli
a. Total length(mm) 150
b. Arch height(mm) 51
c. Outer diameter(mm) 39
d. Chimney diameter(mm) 20
e. Depth of the fireplace(mm) 44

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