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Complete collection of Punto Oro Week, one for each day of the week.
Complete collection of Punto Oro Week, each dedicated to a day of the week. The set consists of seven pipes from the Punto Oro Week series contained in an elegant wooden box. Smokers know that a pipe needs to be rested, and therefore, a careful smoker possesses at least seven pipes, one for each day of the week. We have curated a selection of models and finishing for illustrative purposes and adorned them with a custom-made silver band engraved with the day of the week. Black acrylic stem with a silver-colored dot. Which day do you prefer?

For Monday we propose model 412 KS, belongs to Dublin style. Its peculiarity is the conical bowl. A very classic shape. Sandblasted finishing.

For Tuesday we propose model 626 that fully personifies all the Apple style elegance. Its soft lines and dimensions make it aesthetically a well-proportioned pipe. Smooth natural finishing.

For Wednesday we propose model 670 KS that represents the Savinelli Egg style interpretation. This style can be considered a taller-bowled Apple version. Well balanced and confident to hold. Smooth natural finishing.

For Thursday we propose model 207, a straight Apple. Well-proportioned model, with soft and balanced lines. The rounded shape of the bowl makes the pipe really pleasant to hold in your hands. Smooth natural finishing.

For Friday we propose model 601, a slender bent Billiard, is a good compromise between the capacity of the bowl and the pipe dimensions. Despite being compact, 601 burning chamber boasts a discrete capacity. The pipe bowl is joined to the tapered stem by a thin and elegant cylindrical shank. Smooth natural finishing.

For Saturday we propose model 111 KS that is in everybody’s mind. With its cylindrical bowl and shank, it has a very spacious burning chamber and it is suitable for any kind of pipe smoker. Smooth natural finishing.

For Sunday we propose model 311 KS that is a half-bent Poker. This model is appreciated for their ability to stand without any support or pipe holder. Its most distinctive feature is the position of the shank compared to the bowl, because the shank inserts in the burning chamber in an unusual position, a little bit over the bowl’s foot. The pipe has a saddle stem. Smooth natural finishing.

All the pipes have a 3mm hole diameter.
Series Punto Oro
Weight (g) 2500
Mouthpiece Color Black
Mouthpiece material Acrylic
Hole size 3mm
Brand Savinelli

The pipe you see is the pipe you receive

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