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Spacious, bent Billiard, smooth, green colour, silver colour band
606 KS is the bent pipe par excellence. Elegant and refined is an ideal pipe for who smokes and has busy hands. Its pronounced bend allows it to be easily hold in your mouth without getting excessively tired. The contrast between the green colour and the rounded aluminum band makes it an object with great personality able to make you enjoy your favourite tobacco. The classic black tapered stem is in acrylic.
Series Arcobaleno
Model Savinelli 606 KS
Shape Billiard
Weight (g) 47
Dimension King Size
Form Bent
Finishing Smooth
Mouthpiece Color Black
Mouthpiece material Acrylic
Brand Savinelli
a. Total length(mm) 150
b. Arch height(mm) 51
c. Outer diameter(mm) 39
d. Chimney diameter(mm) 20.5
e. Depth of the fireplace(mm) 45

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