Bent Rhodesian, tobacco chamber flavored with chocolat aroma.


In 2009, Savinelli introduced the first pipe of the “Flavor” series. Inside the chamber, a fragrance that you let have a chocolate flavoured break-in. A limited edition followed by Coffee, Honey, Vanilla and Licorice. The pipe has the colour of chocolate with a beige acrylic ring. Black acrylic. Model 673 KS is a classic example of Rhodesian style. The particular bowl generally called diamond shaped.

More Information

More Information
Weight 47.0000
Size King Size
Bend Bent
Finish Smooth
Stem Material Acrylic
Length(mm) 137
Bowl height(mm) 41
Outside diameter(mm) 46
Chamber diameter(mm) 19
Chamber depth(mm) 34
Series Chocolat
Model 673 KS
brand Savinelli
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