Who is Savinelli?

Savinelli is a prestigious brand of pipes and smoking articles founded in Milan in 1876. On this site you can find all Savinelli production of pipes and accessories.
Insights on the Savinelli history


How do I pay?

We have four payment methods available:



By choosing this option you will be directed to the Paypal website and you can choose whether to pay using your Paypal account by entering your credentials, or by credit card such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Remember that you don't need to create a Paypal account to complete the payment.


Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay makes shopping easier by letting you use your Amazon account information to complete your purchase on Savinelli website.

You don’t need to remember multiple logins and passwords for each site you visit—only your Amazon user name and password. It’s a safe, secure, convenient way to shop online.


Bank Transfer

By choosing this option you can pay by bank transfer. Our bank details will be sent to you directly in the order confirmation email. We remind you that the goods will be shipped only once we have received the bank transfer, so it may take 2-3 working days.

Is it possible to request an invoice?

For Italian or European customers it is possible to request an invoice on the checkout page selecting "Request Invoice", immediately after entering the shipping address. For Italian customers it will be mandatory to enter the fiscal code.
After the order is processed, you will receive the invoice to your email address.

For non-EU customers it is possible to request an invoice by sending an email to sales@savinelli.it indicating the order number.


Free shipping?

Yes, Savinelli offers free shipping in Italy for orders of at least 49€ and in most other countries for orders of at least 150€

How much will the shipment cost me?

The cost of shipping in Italy is 6.90 € while for others countries shipping costs start from 15 €. The orders will be shipped with express courier (UPS or GLS) and we will send you the tracking number with which you can follow the status of your shipment.

Where do you ship?

Savinelli ships to most countries in the world. You can select your shipping country in the drop-down that appears next to "SHIPPING:" in the upper left and check if it is on the list. In this way if you are on the wrong store you will be redirected to the correct store.

When will I receive my order?

Your order will be processed as soon as we receive payment. Usually if the order is made before 12:00 PM, the shipment will start the same day, otherwise the next working day.

The shipment will be made by UPS or GLS courier and generally delivers the goods throughout Italy within 2 working days. For abroad, delivery times may vary between 2 and 6 working days depending on the country of shipping.

For more information, on the UPS website you can always check the status of your shipment by entering the tracking code that we sent you by email.

Taxes and custom additional cost?

As stated in the sale condition, it is customer responsibility to pay any additional tax or duty due on its order. For more information please visit our section Sales Condition


How do I return an item?

You can return the goods within 14 days from the date of purchase, informing us by email with the number of your order.

We remind you that if the product to be returned is a pipe, it must not be smoked and must be returned in the same condition in which it was received.

I have to pay to return my order?

Shipping costs will be charged to us in the event that:

-One or more products you receive are not conform to what you ordered.

-The products you receive have obvious manufacturing defects.

In this case we will arrange the collection of goods through the UPS courier

Shipping costs will be at your charge if:

-You have changed your mind or the product you don't like.

In this case you should contact the carrier you prefer to organize the collection of the goods.

The address to send the products to is as follows:

Via Achille Savinelli 7

21020, Barasso (VA)


How will I receive the refund of my return?

The order will be refunded according to the same payment methods used for the purchase when the products will be delivered to our office and after having verified their integrity.

For more info see the Conditions of Sale section on Article 8.


Can I receive the products in a gift wrap?

Yes, we can ship the products you purchased in a gift wrap. Simply add the products to the cart and proceed to checkout. On the checkout page you will find a button to add the gift wrap for your products. The gift wrap includes: wrapping paper and ribbon Savinelli.

gift wrap

Is the pipe in the picture the one I will receive?

Regarding all our Freehand pipes, Giubileo Oro and Punto Oro, you will receive exactly the pipe that has been photographed. For every other series there might be the possibility that you will not receive the pipe photographed but its equivalent. We always guarantee the same quality.
Most series pipes are offered with the chamber either with a black coating or left natural. In case you have a preference or doubt we encourage to please tell us by writing at sales@savinelli.it

Is it normal that the colour of my pipe is fading in time?

Each Savinelli pipe is individually coloured by hand with only natural colours, for this reason there is the possibility that after a few smokes the original colour might slightly fade. This can be caused by different circumstances: the excessive heat that the pipe is exposed to, the surrounding level of humidity and the excessive sweating coming from the smoker’s hand. If you are interested in refurbishing your pipe, please visit our section about repairs.

How do I smoke a pipe?

Visit our page Smoke a pipe. You can find all the information and tips on how to smoke a pipe.

How to clean my pipe?

Visit our page Pipe maintenance. You can find all necessary information.

Which kind of hole do I need to choose: 3mm, 6mm o 9mm?

The choice of the hole is based on your way of smoking the pipe.

3mm hole it allows to smoking the pipe without any kind of filter.

6mm hole has a convertible system that you may decide to smoke with balsa or using an adaptor, without filter.

9mm hole is for whom prefer to smoke the pipe with a balsa filter.

Foro pipe 3mm, 6mm, 9mm

What is the Balsa System?

The Savinelli Balsa System is a filtering system using the natural attributes of balsa wood. It allows the absorption of both moisture and impurities from smoke, without the addition of chemical elements, insuring a clean pipe shank. This absorption ability is due to the extremely porous fibres of the balsa, which allows for a perfect smoke without altering the flavour and aroma of the tobacco.

This patented filtering system has been tested both by the EURATOM Research Center of Ispra and by the CHEMICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY Inc. Research Center (USA) with,more or less,the same results: “..the filter has the ability to absorb 77% of the nicotine and 91% of the tar contained in tobacco without altering the flavour of same”. The filter is uncomplicated and easy to use.

It is advisable to replace it every two / three smokes, or every time you clean the pipe. It is also recommended not to let the pipe sit longer than one day with a used filter inserted. With the insertion of the adaptor (included with the 6mm filters), the pipe can also be smoked perfectly well without the filter.

Balsa system 6mm
Balsa system 9mm

What precautions are necessary to avoid burning the pipe?

The first tip is to pull mouth slowly and slow down if it overheats his pipe: this is the only real solution.

The bowl of the lighted pipe is always hot and determine to what degree of temperature can get is extremely difficult, if you do not have the appropriate tools.

We solved the problem as we explain now.

When the pipe is running, you are holding in your hands every now and slowly count to six. If you succeed you can safely continue to smoke a pipe, otherwise you must stop until the pipe cools.

Long waits are not necessary: it takes typically a few seconds of interruption and in most cases not even need to turn on the pipe. however, if the pipe were to be shut down, never mind: you again. Many burns are caused by smoking because they fear that the pipe goes out and then suck up too often.

bruciature pipa

1. This is the ultimate consequence faced by an emphasis smoker systematically in the above case and turning the tobacco at the bottom of the bowl even when it is now only ashes.

2. Burning in the central area of the bowl is due when the pipe is new, aspirations too violent, usually caused by improper loading of the bowl with subsequent overheating. In this case you should slow down the pace of aspirations or better yet let the pipe cool completely.

3. This type of burning on the edge of the stove, is caused by the lighter flame held too high and too on the side.

How are pipes measured?

Our pipes are measured through these five values:

  • Length
  • Bowl height
  • Outside diameter
  • Chamber diameter
  • Chamber depth

The measurements are taken exactly as in the following image

misurazione pipa

The dimensions for the predefined shapes may differ by a few millimeters from pipe to pipe as each piece is processed manually.


Is it possible to repair my pipe?

Savinelli offers an after-sales service for all the original Savinelli pipe series.

It is important to know that for the replacement of the stem, the pipe must be sent to us because the new stem must be matched with the shank to guarantee an adequate closure that guarantees a perfect smoke.

We advise you to contact our team for any request at sales@savinelli.it sending detailed photos and information on the pipe and to know the cost of replacements and/or repairs.

If you don't have found an answer to your questions or need further information you can write to our address sales@savinelli.it