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Deep chambered straight Billiard, black rusticated finishing.
Marco Polo traveled for 24 years in the East, passing through many countries on the Silk Road. He described this experience in a book, "il Milione", a geographical account known throughout the world. He was a man whose deeds created a bridge to the East and whose resourcefulness made him a symbol of Venice in the world. We wanted to pay homage to the renowned explorer with this Limited Edition pipe, with only 700 pieces available, to commemorate the 700th anniversary of his death. Model 111 KS, rusticated black finishing, black acrylic mouthpiece and red band to commemorate his hat. The pipe is sold in a box with a dedicated design. The pipe in the pictures is the number 672.

At this link, you can view the contribution of Monsignor Pierfrancesco Fumagalli, a member of the Board of Directors of the Italo-Chinese Institute, which provides a summary of how Marco Polo's travel and life story has evolved over the centuries and, above all, how it has reached us.
Series Marco Polo
Model Savinelli 111 KS
Shape Billiard
Weight (g) 43
Dimension King Size
Form Straight
Finishing Rusticated
Mouthpiece Color Black
Mouthpiece material Acrylic
Hole size 9mm
Brand Savinelli
a. Total length(mm) 150
b. Arch height(mm) 51
c. Outer diameter(mm) 39
d. Chimney diameter(mm) 20
e. Depth of the fireplace(mm) 44

The pipe you see is the pipe you receive

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