... the Punto Oro was instantly a success when launched at the end of the 1950’s. The first production of the series was in two finishes: smooth red and sandblasted black. The numbering of the shapes was in 4 digits. Furthermore, it was also made in the Corallo finishing, a secret manufacture process, laborious and exclusive, still shrouded in mystery, leaving the briar natural without any color. During the 1960’s they were added to the two finishing, sandblasted and smooth, the silver rings, large and smooth, branded 925.

During the 1970’s it was introduced a floc version: it was added a vulcanite insert to the shank to welcome the floc mouthpiece. It was also added to the line a new finishing: smooth with a natural matt color.

Punto Oro anni '70
Punto Oro anni '80

During the 1980’s Giancarlo Savinelli had the excellent idea to add a ring on the pipe and so he designed his series: the Mister G. The new ring got so successful that it was also used for the Punto Oro. It was introduced also the Super Dry version (with the dry system) smooth natural together with a copper ring, smooth with a “fumé color” (natural with dark shades), natural color with a silver flat ring and sandblasted black with a gold ring.

During the 1990’s the Punto Oro Fumé was enriched with horn and amber mouthpieces (they are not proposed today for their manufactures and processing costs), golden rings 18 carats and silver bands.

The Punto Oro was also made with a silver ring that reproduced the band of the Savinelli cigars which were produced in the Dominican Republic and distributed in the United States, with excellent feedbacks on Cigar Aficionado.
Following this path, highlighting the presence of Savinelli also in the business of cigars, it was designed the silver ring of the series Antik.

Punto Oro anni '90
In 2013 Savinelli made a restyling of the original Punto Oro: smooth with a burgundy colour and natural, all coming with two mouthpieces, one vulcanite and one acrylic. It was important to offer to the customer the mouthpieces in two different materials, so that they could experience both and to also have a replacement.
The attached warranty is a formal act to the service that Savinelli has always guaranteed, in a silent and coherent way.

Giornale Savinelli Punto Oro
Giornale Savinelli Punto Oro
Giornale Savinelli Punto Oro

... the Punto Oro is the first pipe ever made at Savinelli’s in Barasso.
We are talking about the end of the 1950’s when Achille Savinelli had the great idea to produce pipes Made in Italy, considering that the best raw material, the briar root of tree heath (Erica Arborea), came from our coasts by the Mediterranean Sea.
He was right because it was a success and he was able to match the quality of the English pipes.
The Punto Oro was born as an essential pipe, just wood with a vulcanite mouthpiece, how the English pipes were. Achille Savinelli added the elegant Italian taste, balancing the dimensions and shapes.
It was and still is today, the result of a strict selection because the briar must be the right one, the healthiest, the one with the most solid fibres and with the most beautiful grain.
From a batch of a around 5000 blocks of briar only 12 are selected to become a Punto Oro and this process, same as the others, remained unchanged over time.
The Punto Oro was made every time we found a bowl with, what we call, “the Punto Oro quality”, in many different shapes, almost 200, and today we are still making it in almost 100 shapes. The golden dot is inserted manually on the mouthpiece and then sanded by hand in order to smooth it at the same level, a procedure of the highest craftsmanship.
In 2014 was made the restyling of the series. The pipe is offered with two mouthpieces, one acrylic and one in vulcanite, in order to give the customer the chance of trying both materials. The shapes are on demand in two possible finishes: natural smooth and the classic burgundy. Inside the box you shall find the two years warranty and a brief introduction of the pipe.
Definitely a timeless Savinelli classic!