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Straight oval with long tapered stem. Smooth finishing
Churchwarden is a pipe of many virtues. Thanks to the long section to go through, the smoke has all the necessary time to burn off the heat giving a very fresh smoke which no other standard pipe can offer. It is also very easy to smoke while busy in activities like reading or watching Tv. That's why it is sometime referred to as "reading pipe" or "armchair pipe". Thanks to the long acrylic tapered stem it is not necessary to raise your hand to take the pipe to your mouth. This feature makes the smoke particularly relaxing and comforting. Here Churchwarden 901 has a smooth, walnut colour finishing. Model 901 also known as Oval has an elliptical bowl and a cylindrical shank. This particular shape was created to easily carry it around in your pocket, in fact Oval is also called smoking or breast pocket pipe. Churchwarden series is not arranged for any filtering system having an inside 3mm hole.
Series Churchwarden
Model 901
Weight 30.000000
Dimension Regular
Form Straight
Finishing Smooth
Mouthpiece material Acrylic
Hole size 3mm
Brand Savinelli
a. Total length(mm) 270
b. Arch height(mm) 40
c. Outer diameter(mm) 40
d. Chimney diameter(mm) 24-14
e. Depth of the fireplace(mm) 33

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