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Special series Leonardo Da Vinci Ala Battente, smooth brown finishing.
This pipes collection celebrates Leonardo da Vinci’s artworks. “When you walk on earth after flying, you will look at the sky, because you have been there and there you would like to return again”. Leonardo da Vinci. Human beings have always desired to fly: to escape and reach freedom, to rise above the others, to watch the world from a different angle. Leonardo wrote: “...wings will come...” “If not invented by me, but thanks to others, human beings will fly...” In 1783 there was the first flight in a hot air balloon. In 1881 Lilienthal invented the first hang glider. In 1903 the brothers Wright built the first airplane. Sixth pipe of the Leonardo da Vinci series, produced in a limited edition just for 2012. The light relief in silver reproduces the original design of the artist. Smooth brown finishing.
Series Leonardo
Weight 61.000000
Dimension Regular
Form Half-Bent
Finishing Smooth
Mouthpiece material Acrylic
Brand Savinelli
a. Total length(mm) 149
b. Arch height(mm) 49
c. Outer diameter(mm) 41
d. Chimney diameter(mm) 19
e. Depth of the fireplace(mm) 39

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